Retiring in Boerne

Chosen as the fourth best small town to live in 2012, Boerne offers great natural amenities, including lakes, rivers, and hills. And, while this quaint, small town offers some of the best schools in the Greater San Antonio area, there is definitely something to be said about the draw of retiring in Boerne.

Strolling through Boerne, there is natural beauty of the area’s rivers, lakes, caves, and trails. Historic buildings, eclectic shops, restaurants, and architecture come together to appeal to all the senses. An appealing town for retirees to call home, Boerne offers a variety of different housing, including condos, garden homes, and even adult communities! And while the cost of living is a bit higher than some of it’s neighboring cities, the median house price still comes in lower than the nationwide median house price.

Retirees in Boerne delight in the fact that there is no state income tax, so all forms of retirement income escape taxation. Additionally, there is no inheritance or estate tax, creating a retirement destination made in heaven. If you still aren’t convinced, take into account that homeowners receive a $15,000 homestead exemption from property taxes, and people aged 65 or over receive an additional $10,000 exemption from school taxes (and $3,000 from other taxes).

Even better than the tax breaks retirees receive, is that of the desirable climate Boerne has to offer. Warm almost year round, Boerne offers an alternative to blustery winters and chilly falls. With the average year round temperature registering at 78 degrees, and the average year round low temperature registering at 55 degrees, Boerne residents don’t have to worry about keeping their coat closets stuffed with heavy coats.

Boerne retirees are able to take advantage of the climate year round by enjoying the high walkability rating the town offers. Whether your style is enjoying a stroll to one of Boerne’s nearly 70 restaurants, putting your toes in Boerne Lake, or just breathing in the fresh Hill Country air, Boerne offers a combination of relaxation and activity that can’t be beat.

If being out and about is more your style, Boerne offers one of a kind dining, festivals, wineries, golf courses, and shopping. Because of the town’s German heritage, a variety of German restaurants operate throughout the town, and German festivals are held throughout the year. Of course, in addition to German food, there are a variety of other dining choices to choose from. From bar-b-que to homemade “tootie” pies, the possibilities are endlessly tasty.

Because of its close proximity to San Antonio, Boerne retirees have access to the state of the art medical centers that many of San Antonio’s hospitals and medical centers provide. For military retirees, San Antonio also has a VA hospital.

With its unique, small town charm, welcoming spirit, and proximity to San Antonio's big city amenities, the best of both small city living and big city living are within reach for Boerne retirees.