Staging Your Home

Setting the price

Planning and preparing to sell

Choosing to sell your home is a big decision that takes a lot of time to consider. If you have made the decision to sell your home, carefully planning and preparing for the sale will help make the process go smoothly.

Choosing a REALTOR®

Choosing a REALTOR® in Boerne is one of the most important decisions to make when you choose to sell a home. With so many agents out there, how do you make sure you pick the right one to sell your home? Here are some questions to ask when you are searching for your REALTOR®.

Seller’s time line

You have made the decision to sell and have found a REALTOR to help you do it! Find out more about what to expect during the home selling time line.

What is Staging?

Why stage?

Staging can help sell your home faster and get you the most bang for your buck.

Simple Staging Ideas

Ideas for staging your home

Staging Do’s and Don’ts

Guidelines for staging your home

Marketing Your Home: Open Houses

Open houses can prove to be a great source of traffic to your home. Having an agent hold an open house for your home can bring the buyer for your home right through your door steps.

Marketing Your Home: Online Marketing

In the age of digital marketing, it is important that your REALTOR® gets your home exposed through many online platforms. With the extensive online training Keller Williams agents receive, you can be assured that your home is being marketed effectively to prospective buyers throughout the web.

Marketing Your Home: Traditional Marketing

When it comes to marketing your home, you want someone who is on top of the game and knows how to get your home sold. At Keller Williams, our agents make sure to market your home in multiple ways so that it gets the most exposure. Traditional marketing encompasses tried and true marketing efforts and maximizes both print and word-of-mouth techniques.

Foreclosure Timeline

When it comes to foreclosures, the timeline from the first missed payment to the foreclosure sale can be a quick process- generally about six months. During the process there are many processes that take place, which each step inching the homeowner closer to having their home being foreclosed on.

Myths About Foreclosure

In the past few years, the word foreclosure has been associated with the thought of being able to purchase a dream home for a steal of a deal. Although there is some truth to this, this isn’t always the case. There are many myths about buying a foreclosure, but in reality, buying foreclosures can be a simple process if you know what you are getting yourself in to.

The Difference Between a Short Sale and a Forclosure

There are many REALTORS at KW who specialize in short sales and foreclosures. They are specially trained and have the knowledge and experience to navigate through the sometimes long and arduous process of buying a foreclosure or a short sale.

Retiring in Boerne

With its unique, small town charm, welcoming spirit, affordability and proximity to San Antonio’s big city amenities, the best of both small town living and big city living are within reach for Boerne retirees.?

Downsizing to a Low-Key Lifestyle

When you have more house than you need, the daily upkeep can become an unnecessary nuisance. Downsizing can present the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your home needs and transition into a new, low-key lifestyle. As you consider downsizing, you’ll quickly notice several perks to this welcome change.

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse mortgages are desirable by retirees interested in downsizing their home. They provide a way to eliminate all monthly mortgage expenses, thus reducing retirement expenses.

Why Downsize?

Whether your reason for downsizing is to save money, or to move out of a home that is too large for your lifestyle, downsizing presents many benefits.

The Housing Market and Your Home

The price your home could sell for is directly related to the surrounding Boerne housing market- specifically, the housing market right around your home. If you are curious about the housing market around you, your Keller Williams Boerne REALTOR® can help.

Seller Checklist

Selling a home can seem like a daunting task, but when you have an organized list of tasks laid out in time-line order, it can seem a little less so. Here is a list of 7 of the biggest tasks you will encounter when you decide to you sell your home.

Pricing Your Home To Sell

Most sellers today are nervous and unsure. They wonder: is taking a loss on our house inevitable? The answer is no! A strategic sales plan, coupled with a smart buy in your new location will ensure that you recoup the maximum value for your home.