Should I Sell? 9 Signs it’s Time to Move

We all love our least, in the beginning.

But like anything else in life, that love can’t last forever; and in months, years or even decades from now, it’s inevitable: the house you currently call "home" will no longer be enough for you and your needs.

But when exactly is the time right? When should you part with your current home and say goodbye to it once and for all? Here are 9 signs it’s definitely time to move! 

1.  You’ve had a financial change.

If you’ve suddenly taken a pay cut or lost your job, downsizing your home is one of the best ways to save on costs. You can opt for a smaller home (and therefore a smaller monthly mortgage), or you can choose to move to a more affordable city; whichever works for you, your family, and your job.  On the other end of the spectrum, if you’ve recently started making more money or have come into an inheritance, it may be a good time to make an upgrade. After all, a home can be a great investment – especially if you know when to buy. You could make a pretty penny on it a few years down the road if you’re smart about it.

2.  You’re out of room

Do you have a baby on the way but nowhere to put them? Is your garage and attic stuffed to the brim? Do you find yourself stuffing closets and corners just to get by? Then you need more space. You may want to 1) move to a property with additional bedrooms, living areas, square footage or garage/storage space or 2) choose a home with more built-in storage. Sometimes, a home well-appointed with cabinetry, closets, and shelving can be just what you need to get organized.

3.  The neighborhood has gone downhill. 

If local crime is on the uptick, your neighbors’ yards have fallen into disarray, and there are feral cats running wild, you may want to get out before the going gets worse. Chances are, you may lose money on your home with a neighborhood on the downturn, but wait too much longer and you could find yourself in a serious financial hole, or, what’s worse, stuck in a home you no longer love or feel safe in.

4.  It needs tons of repairs and TLC. 

Does your home need lots of upgrades? A new roof or HVAC system? Foundation repairs? Electrical issues fixed? This kind of stuff can add up – and quickly, too. Many times, when a home is in serious need of attention, you may better off just cutting ties and selling it at a low price to a home flipper or investor. Then, you can use that money to buy a property in better shape and safer condition.

5.  Your needs have changed. 

Have you recently become quite the home cook, whereas 10 years ago, you only ate take-out or delivery? Do you now have a new baby, but going up and down the stairs each night is running you ragged? Have you started crafting, but have nowhere to work except in front of the TV? Then it’s time to move on to a new place.  Your home should fit the needs of you and everyone in your household. If you’re big on cooking, there should be a spacious, well-appointed kitchen. If you’ve got young children, a master suite located near the other bedrooms is a must. If need room to study, work or craft, you should have the space to do so. The second your home stops meeting your needs, it’s time to move onward and upward.

6.  Your commute is bad. 

There’s nothing worse than a long morning commute. Not only is it a waste of time and money; it's also frustrating. All that stopping, starting and blaring horns can be enough to drive anyone crazy. Fortunately, there is a way out: move! Find a new home that’s closer to your work, and cut down on the time you spend in the car. It will mean more time with your family, less money spent on gas and less frustration overall. A win-win in our book!

7.  You need a fresh start. 

We all need a fresh start sometimes. Maybe you recently went through a divorce, lost a loved one, or changed jobs. Maybe you’ve had a string of bad luck and just need something good in your life. Or maybe you’re feeling boring and simply need something new to get excited about.  Whatever the problem, a new home can often be just what the doctor ordered. Not only can it give you a good distraction from the issues at hand (think of all the potential DIY projects and decorating you can do!), but it also gives you a new perspective on life. You can see things in a whole new light...and sometimes, that’s just what you need to get out of that funk.

8.  The kids have moved on. 

Once the kids have gone off to college, gotten married or started families of their own, it can be a great time to make that big move. You can downsize your property and save cash on your monthly mortgage (and energy bills), and you can choose a place based only on what you and your spouse want. Want to live in Bermuda? Do it. Want a place you can ski year-round? Make it happen. Now that you no longer have little ones relying on you, you can make your dreams a reality. There’s no time like the present.

9.  You want to cash in on that investment.

Do you and your family need to make some cash? Do you want to get back the money you put in and then some? Then now’s the time to sell. At the moment, we’re operating in a seller’s market, where inventory is low and demand is high. It’s the perfect storm to ensure you not only get your money back – but also plenty of profit on top of that, too. You may even have a bidding war on your hands if you play your cards right. Just make sure to enlist the right agent and take care to prep and stage your home before going to market.

If any of these signs ring true with you, it’s high time you considered a move. Whether it’s just down the street or in a completely different city, state or country, it sounds like a move is just what you and your loved ones need.

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