Selling Homes in Boerne: 7 Expert Tips to Keep in Mind

If you’re selling a home in Boerne, we’re sad to see you go! Boerne is an incredible place to live, and the growing population proves it. This town is beautiful, family-friendly, and offers both modest and luxury options. But if you absolutely must sell your home, we want you to do it the right way. Below are some tips to utilize when going through the selling process.

1. Hype School Districts

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When selling a home in a town with a high concentration of families, schools are almost always of high concern to buyers. Even if you don’t have children in school, be sure to brush up on the school zonings around your home. Know praiseworthy facts about the surrounding schools, and be ready to field any questions the buyers might have about local education system!

Thankfully, one of Boerne’s greatest strengths is its top-rated school district. Boerne ISD goes above and beyond Texas standards in almost every area. This school district, containing Boerne, a small section of Kendall County, Fair Oaks Ranch, and parts of northern Bexar County, educates over 7,000 students over 12 campuses. These schools have been recognized without fail at the regional, state, and national level. A wide variety of private academies are available for parents who desire a smaller or more specialized education for their children.

2. Consider a Home Stager

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While home staging is an extremely lucrative service, it sometimes gets forgotten in the process of selling a home. In the rush of finding a realtor, listing your home, and organizing open houses, you may think of home staging as an unnecessary luxury. However, this service contains strategy and benefit you may not expect. Many home sellers recoil from staging because they already believe they have good taste. Don’t worry…we’re not saying you don’t! Home staging is less about quality and more about neutrality. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home. If you leave your home deeply “personal” (photos on the wall, etc.), potential buyers will still see it as your home, not as their potential home. A home stager is trained to flip your old space into a buyer's new space.

3. Don’t Neglect the Exterior

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Homes in Boerne have the incredible advantage of being on the cusp of the gorgeous Texas Hill Country. This coveted space in the heart of Texas is reminiscent of the rustic charm of Spain, with craggy bluffs, twisting oaks, and refreshing streams. This spacious beauty is the reason so many people are flocking to Hill Country towns like Boerne. Therefore, it’s absolutely in your best interest as a seller to capitalize on this natural beauty! Curb appeal doesn’t have to include new furniture or expensive hanging plants. We recommend making your space inviting...from clean sidewalks to a mowed lawn to trimmed hedges. It certainly doesn’t hurt to stage your backyard according to season. If you’re selling in winter, you might add a fire pit. In Summer, keep your pool clean and your flowers blooming. Overall, you want to remind potential buyers just why they want to live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

4. Decorate with Stunning Views


As we’ve already mentioned, the Hill Country’s beauty has a lot to do with Boerne’s recent growth. If your home happens to be blessed with beautiful views of the rolling scenery, use it well! Since home stagers already advise that you fill your home with natural light and fresh colors, we recommend pulling up the blinds and throwing back the curtains to let potential home buyers fall in love with the view. If you have overgrown trees, hedges, or distracting outdoor decorations, it might be helpful to trim and edit anything that could get in the way.

5. Find the Right REALTOR®

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If you’re selling a home in the Boerne area, there’s no single more important decision than choosing a REALTOR®. Finding the right agent has the potential to make or break your sale! Our Boerne agents are experts in the entire Boerne invaluable trait when selling a home. Keller Williams REALTOR®s also understand the area’s market, price ranges, and comparable properties. The more specialized and familiar your agent is with your neighborhood, the better. He or she will have valuable local knowledge and connections that will benefit your sale tremendously in the long run.

6. Don’t Overdo the Upgrades

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When many homeowners plan to sell, the first thing they do is give their home a few upgrades. Though this seems to make sense, it’s often unnecessary and doesn’t offer a substantial return on investment. If you look up the median home age in Boerne, you’ll find that most homes are no older than 15 years old. If your home is on the younger side, you might want to hold off on major, expensive upgrades! Definitely make sure your appliances and finishes are clean, well-kept, and in working condition...but don’t feel the need to order an entirely new kitchen.

7. The Photos Matter

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While a professional real estate photographer may seem like a total luxury, it may offer you a substantial return on investment! The internet has become a huge part of real estate shopping, and what your listing looks like actually matters. For many buyers, this image is the “first impression” of your home...and statistics show that the buyer’s first impression is of the utmost importance when it comes to real estate. Professional photographers don’t only own fancy cameras and photoshop technology, they also know what angles make the rooms look most appealing, how to stretch a shot to include more features, and just generally how to draw the eye to the most attractive pieces of your home. Just as you don’t want to skimp on cleaning for your open house, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your internet listing.

8. Think Seasonally

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To a certain extent, many sellers can’t control the situation surrounding their home sale. Maybe you’re moving for a new job or a sudden family shift. However, if you have the ability to control when you put your home on the market, it has the potential to make all the difference. Boerne’s demographic is mainly families...a fact that very much affects the timing of the selling season. Many families wait until the Spring or Summer to purchase a home in order to keep up with the rhythm of the school year. Marketing your home during these peak seasons will give you an advantage over the slower Fall and Winter months when fewer families are browsing home listings. In fact, statistics prove that at least 50% of home sales are made May-August!