The 7 Top Things to Look For in a Boerne Realtor

With top-notch schools, low crime rates, beautiful Hill Country scenery, and plenty to do and see, Boerne is the perfect spot to lay your roots and raise a family.

But finding the right property in Boerne? Now that’s a different story.

With hundreds of local listings, a wide variety of sizes, designs and price ranges, and lots of land and lot options, your choices can truly run the gamut. If you’re not familiar with the area or the local market, it can be pretty hard to find the perfect home at the perfect price.

Fortunately, this is where a Realtor comes in.  A real estate agent can use their skills and expertise to guide you along the way. They’ll know where to search, what properties fit your needs and preferences, and (even better) how to get those properties at the best price.

Want to enlist the help of an experienced realtor, Boerne homebuyers? Here’s what you’ll want to look for in your real estate agent:

1. Local Know-How

Hands down, a wide knowledge of the local community is the biggest and best attribute you want in a realtor. You want someone who knows the city of Boerne like the back of their hand – its neighborhoods, its schools, its amenities, its crime rates, and even things like shops, restaurants and entertainment options. They need to be able to take your needs and preferences and use their local knowledge to find you the perfect location and property for your family. That’s the No. 1 priority!

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2. Good Communication Skills. 

Your realtor needs to be a good communicator! That means picking up when you call (or returning your calls quickly), as well as replying quickly to emails, texts, and other messages you may send them. In a sought-after area like Boerne, properties go fast, and you need to be able to connect with your realtor on the fly, asking questions, submitting bids and setting up property tours at the drop of a dime. This is crucial if you want to get the property you want when you find it.

3. Industry Connections. 

A real estate agent isn’t the only professional you’ll need to work with in your homebuying journey. You’ll also need a home inspector, a pest inspector, a loan officer, and a whole slew of other industry experts. Your best bet is to find a great realtor who has local connections in all of these areas. Then, you won’t have to deal with the hassle and headache of finding each and every provider you need. Your agent can simply recommend them all for you – and maybe even set up appointments on your behalf!

4. A Gung-Ho Attitude. 

If you’re serious about buying a home in Boerne, you need your realtor to be, too. That means diving in, hunkering down and getting to work ASAP – as soon as they’re hired. They should be fully dedicated to not only finding you a home, but also to finding you the right home, at the right price. If they’re dawdling, taking forever to send you a property list, or failing to submit bids in a timely manner, they’re not taking you seriously. You need an agent who’s as committed to your home purchase as you are. If they’re not, it’s time to kick them to curb! You can do better.

5. Experience in Your Type of Purchase. 

Every type of real estate purchase is a little different, each with little nuances and quirks that make it unique. To make sure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible, you want a realtor who has experience in the exact type of transaction you’re preparing to enter. If you’re buying a luxury property, look for someone with luxury listings and past luxury purchasing experience. If you want to buy a farm or just a lot of land, find an agent who has experience with land purchases instead. You want to have the easiest, fastest and smoothest transaction you can have, and choosing someone with matching experience is the key to making that happen.

6. The Right Tools. 

It’s important your realtor have the right tools to get the job done. That means having access to the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, as well as services like DocuSign, which allow you to sign contracts and paperwork digitally without any in-person meetings or traveling. A great website, as well as an online property search tool, is helpful as well, allowing you to get information, search properties and learn more about the process on your own time. And tools for staying in touch are key, too. Things like online chats, fast email service, and text messaging can make the homebuying process that much easier.

7. Great Negotiation Skills. 

An agent doesn’t just help you find a home, they help you bid on it, negotiate with the seller and close! As such, you want a realtor who’s going to really get their hands dirty when it comes to the negotiating table. They should be able to take the inspection report and bargain with the seller (or their agent) to reduce the property’s price or to get certain repairs made before closing occurs. They should also be adept at counter-offers, being sure to never make you pay the full listing price unless it’s really necessary. The truth of the matter is: negotiation skills are one of the most important attributes a realtor can have. They can save you thousands and thousands of dollars, either in repairs, on the listing price of the home or even in closing costs.

8. A Passion for Their Craft. 

Like any profession, those who are the best at being a realtor are the ones who are truly passionate about their craft. They love connecting buyers with the perfect property, and they thrive on finding a good deal and making a sale happen. You always want to find an agent who absolutely loves what they do – who finds it exciting, fun, and worth their time and efforts. Those are the types who are going to be totally dedicated to you, their customer service, and the homebuying process as a whole...and they’re the ones who will help you find the home you and your family have been dreaming of.

When it comes to homebuying, a realtor is simply a must-have. Not only can they save you time and money, but they can help you find the perfect property faster, easier, and more conveniently. They’re one of the biggest allies you can have on your homebuying journey, and they come at absolutely no added cost to you!

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