KW Boerne Announces 2018 ALC Members

Unlike traditional real estate companies in which a singular corporate office makes all company-wide decisions, Keller Williams gives decision-making opportunities to the agents doing business in each of the company's franchised offices, or "market centers". Leading each of the 900+ market centers worldwide is a group of top-producing associates, appropriately named the "Agent Leadership Council," or "ALC."

In addition to exhibiting a proven record of success in many different market conditions, the agents who serve on the ALC possess both experience and strengths that lend themselves to the trust and support from the other agents within the market center. These members have a desire to see the company grow and prosper, offering valuable strategic input that aids in the market center's success and essentially act as the market center’s board of directors. Making major decisions in conjunction with the market center's team leader (broker), as well as the market center's operating partner, many of the ALC's decisions focus on productivity and profitability, as well as staff training, local marketing, finances, and operations.

Allowing agents to have a strong voice in guiding the policies of the company, the ALC is extremely beneficial to the Keller Williams Corporation, helping to maintain a brokerage that is agent-centric rather than broker-centric. With the focus put on an agent-centric culture, the agents, brokerage, and the company are able to achieve more because everyone is working together.

With newly elected ALCs, Keller Williams Boerne is proud to announce the following associates as 2018 ALC members. To find out more about each member, click here.