From SA to Boerne: Why I Love This Hill Country Town

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“So...what brought you to Boerne?”

This query seems to be on the tongue of nearly everyone in town these days. With a steady influx of new residents and an ever-flowing stream of Hill Country tourists, Boerne is constantly welcoming new and fresh faces, most of them wide-eyed with wonder at the striking landscape and picture-perfect Main Street (or, you know, Hauptstrasse).

And whether the golden question comes from the mouth of a curious tourist, a new neighbor, or a longtime resident, we’ve noticed that the answers almost always carry a similar tune.

“I needed to get out of the city, and Boerne just made sense.”

“There’s just something special about this place.” “We couldn’t find anything like it anywhere else.”

“We always knew we’d end up here.”

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Naturally, the circumstances vary widely (and sometimes drastically) according to the individual or family. But the underlying sentiments are strikingly consistent: Boerne’s small-town charm, natural beauty, and distinct sense of community are magnetic to anyone yearning for a Hill Country lifestyle.

And because we know there is a fair bit of controversy surrounding Boerne’s rapid growth, we thought it would be helpful to get the details straight from the source. We sat down with Sarah Baynham, an area resident who recently moved from San Antonio to Fair Oaks Ranch with her husband and children.

We asked: “What brought you to the Boerne area? Why do you love this Hill Country town?”

The Schools

“The schools are not only close, but also excellent. Whether we want to send our kids to public or private school, we have plenty of incredible options.”

Anyone familiar with the local education system is well-aware:  Boerne ISD is highly coveted among San Antonio metro area districts. This district (containing Boerne, a small section of Kendall County, Fair Oaks Ranch, and parts of northern Bexar County) goes above and beyond Texas standards in almost every area, boasting official recognition at the regional, state, and national level. In the private sector, parents of school-age children have plenty of options.  Geneva School of Boerne Ambleside School of Boerne Vanguard Christian Institute and Hill Country Montessori School are a few of the most popular options.

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The Location

“Everything we need is close at hand, from shopping to groceries. Downtown San Antonio is only 30 miles away, and the rest of the Hill Country is at our fingertips.”

If you’re sitting on a bench on Main Street, enjoying the peace and quiet at the heart of Boerne, you’ll almost certainly forget that Boerne is on the cusp of the ever-expanding borders of San Antonio. Drive 15 minutes south, and you can enjoy the exclusive shopping and dining at The Rim and La Cantera, not to mention the fun of Fiesta Texas. However, if you want to forget about the hustle and bustle of the absolutely can. Boerne offers easy travel to many surrounding Hill Country towns (Fredericksburg, Comfort, Kerrville, etc). Overall, Boerne is perfect for folks who want the appeal of the Hill Country without sacrificing city fun.

The Leisurely Lifestyle

“We love the leisurely lifestyle that living in the Boerne area affords us.”

The word “leisure” can mean different things to different people; however, Boerne somehow manages to accompany almost all of the definitions! If golf course communities are your thing, you’re covered. If ample parks and creeks are what you crave, Boerne has your back. Overall, we heard that the pace of life in Boerne is noticeably more peaceful and calm than the city. If San Antonio is stressing you out, the Hill Country might be just what you need to invest in a more leisurely way of life.

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The Small Town Hospitality

“At least 4-5 different sets of neighbors brought us cookies and introduced themselves!”

Can small town charm be beat? Sarah didn’t seem to think so. From what we heard, Boerne citizens have been very welcoming and kind to out-of-towners and new residents. And while some have their opinions about the growth and its toll, Boerne-ites still embrace the small-town hospitality that makes this town so wonderful in the first place. It seems citizens and visitors alike have come to an overwhelmingly clear conclusion: Boerne’s small-town charm remains its most treasured feature.

The Sense of Community

“Boerne comes together as a community in so many ways. The traditions and events are endless!”

One of the hallmark traits of a small town is community involvement. Though a relatively small town, Boerne is famous for its creative and well-rounded host of events and traditions! From movies in the park to the Art Waddle to Market Days to Second Saturday Art & Wine, residents have plenty of opportunities to invest in community togetherness. Some favorite spots include the Cibolo Nature Center and The Patrick Heath Public Library, while traditions like Dickens on Main, the Chocolate Walk, and Berges Fest bring the whole community together.

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The Outdoor Adventure

“We like to stay active...and Boerne offers plenty of opportunities to do just that!”

Families with kids especially seemed to espouse a love for Boerne’s sense of outdoor adventure. With so many family-oriented and safe activities close by, you don’t have to drive far to find something fun to do outside. Boerne City Park is the town’s largest park and is a favorite spot for locals, while The Cibolo Nature Center (or CNC for short) is constantly putting on fun, free events for the public.

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Friends in the Community

“We have plenty of friends who also moved up here. It feels like we’re all a part of a Boerne family.”

While classically a town saturated with retirees and established families, Boerne’s shifting demographics mean that every type of family can find a sense of community. Kids have plenty of playmates, while grown-ups have plenty of options for double dates and Sunday afternoon barbecues. The Boerne community is continually diversifying!

Those who have never been to Boerne may ask, “What’s so great about that little town just north on I-10?” Built on tradition, small-town values, a remarkable culture, and a legacy of excellence, Boerne truly offers a piece of Texas unlike any other. The town’s top-tier education system, incredible location, and gorgeous homes make it the perfect place to settle into the Hill Country lifestyle. (If you aren’t convinced yet, check out our guide to “Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Boerne”...we think the title speaks for itself).

If you’re interested in finding out more about life in Boerne, let us be your guide! Contact a licensed REALTOR® and download our exclusive Buyer’s Guide today.