Downsizing, Boerne, & The Beauty of Simplifying

When it comes to the American Dream, bigger is always better...right? Contrary to popular belief, nationwide buyers are proving that this typical stereotype may not be right after all.

Statistics are showing that rather than build a taller white picket fence or sprawl out amidst massive square footage, more and more homebuyers are seeking quality over quantity. Though often exclusively associated with aging retirees, “downsizing” has become a nationwide phenomenon, attracting a myriad of demographics for a multitude of reasons. According to a study done by Trulia, 60% of people living in large homes of 2,000 square feet and over said they’d rather pick a smaller one next time around

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Many families are discovering the financial benefits of nixing that extra bedroom or two, while millennials attracted to minimalism are finding solace in smaller spaces. Even retirees have espoused downsizing as the perfect opportunity to “cleanse” and start fresh (60% of seniors report being fully aware that they have "more things than they need").

Whatever the reason, downsizing has become an opportunity for Americans to save money, cut the clutter, start over, and (thank heavens!) spend less time cleaning and more time doing what they love.

But when it finally does come time to downsize, how on earth are you supposed to find the right spot? Besides the chance to move into a smaller home, downsizing presents you with the opportunity to relocate to a community that truly fits “your style.” And we’re here to make the case that, no matter your demographic, Boerne is the ideal spot to simplify.

1. Location, Location, Location!

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If you take the tried-and-true real estate adage seriously (and we highly recommend you do), you are probably fully aware that, “location is everything” when it comes to buying a home. Buyers usually seek to find the best balance of city and country: peaceful, yet close to shopping; beautiful, yet convenient; private, yet connected. And though these combinations rarely coexist in the same location, Boerne appears to be the exception. Located 30 minutes north of the hustle and bustle of downtown San Antonio, Boerne is perched on the coveted Hill Country cusp, allowing residents the option to enjoy small-town vibes and scenic views at home or hop on Interstate 10 to head into the hub of shopping and entertainment. On the other hand, if you’re looking to escape int o the scenic Hill Country, Boerne offers easy travel to many surrounding Hill Country towns like Fredericksburg, Comfort, Kerrville, Medina, and Bandera. (will appreciate?)

2. Hill Country Culture

San Antonio may be close at hand...but don’t be fooled: residents don’t have to leave Boerne to experience a full spectrum of Hill Country culture. From shopping to entertainment, the Hill Country Mile is humming with opportunity. Creatives will revel in Boerne’s rich cultural arts realm, boasting a wealth of local theater performances, museums, galleries, and concerts. Outdoorsy types can take advantage of the network of local trails and parks, as well as a wide variety of water activities. Gather with the entire community for local events and traditions like Art Waddle, Market Days, Dickens on Main, the Chocolate Walk, and Berges Fest, among others!

3. Cost-Effective

If you’re thinking, “This is all well and good...but there’s no way I can even afford a downsize property in Boerne.”...Think again! Though known far and wide for its luxury market, Boerne’s median home price is actually lower than the nationwide median house price. Due to the fluctuating market and the local demand for more affordable housing, Boerne has remained true to its welcoming Hill Country roots, ensuring everyone has a place in this wonderful community. (Check out this list of affordable Boerne neighborhoods to prove it!)

4. Lower Taxes

If you’re looking to downsize your home, chances are you’re looking to simplify your finances as well. Thankfully, one of Boerne’s many perks includes significantly lower tax rates than San Antonio! Boerne residents also don’t have to worry about inheritance or estate tax...meaning retirement in this small town is a wise financial choice, no matter which way you slice it. Plus, homeowners 65+ receive an additional $10,000 exemption from school taxes (and a $3,000 from other taxes).

5. Options, Options, Options!

29639 Fairview Place: $42 5,000

So you want a smaller house...but just what kind are you looking for? Since there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to downsizing, Boerne offers plenty of options, from historic neighborhoods to high-acreage properties to golf communities For those interested in a golf-oriented lifestyle, Cordillera Ranch and Tapatio Golf Springs may fit the bill. Luxury buyers will find solace in Anaqua Springs Ranch, Estancia, and Highlands Ranch, while history buffs will totally geek out over the Colonial, Tudor, and Folk Victorian architecture in the historic districts.

6. Health Services

For many downsizers, close proximity to top-notch health facilities is a huge perk. Even as a Hill Country getaway, Boerne residents still have speedy access to all San Antonio medical resources and specialized care facilities. University Hospital, Methodist Hospital and the Sonterra Medical Plaza are all readily available. Military families also have access to SAMMC, the largest military medical facility in the country. Boerne itself also has excellent medical resources, including local Boerne Family Medicine and Methodist Hospital’s Boerne Emergency Center, which operates 24/7 in an effort to provide the city with all the necessary resources of a full hospital system!

7. Oh, those Hill Country views!

Perhaps the most influential and well-known part of Boerne is its abundant supply of natural beauty. Situated on the banks of the sparkling Guadalupe River and the Cibolo Creek (not to mention the 300-acre City Lake), Boerne is home to some of the most scenic waterfront views in the area. Our small town’s location on the edges of the vibrant Hill Country give way to sprawling views, friendly wildlife, and vibrant local plant life. Take one scenic drive down Highway 16, and you’ll see what we mean! Residents have espoused a sense of serenity and peace living in the midst of this sort of beauty...the perfect complement to a downsize move.

8. Sense of Community

Besides your physical brick-and-mortar house (or rustic oak-and-limestone, if you’re more into the Hill Country vibe), “home” is comprised of an entire community. And thankfully, Boerne is the type that makes it easy to feel welcomedEstablished over 150 years ago by German immigrants from Bettina, this scenic spot on the Cibolo creek has been flourishing and growing since the 1800’s. And while some have their opinions about the growth and its toll, Boerne-ites still embrace the small-town hospitality that makes this town so wonderful in the first place.

If you’re looking at downsizing, we’re here to let you know: built on tradition, small-town values, a remarkable culture, and a legacy of excellence, Boerne truly offers a piece of Texa s unlike any other. No matter your reason for simplifying your home space, this town’s top-tier education system, incredible location, and gorgeous homes make it the perfect place to settle into the Hill Country lifestyle. It’s easy to see why we’re all a little obsessed with Boerne.