9 (More) Ways To Cope When Your Small Town Feels Too Big

As our Boerne blog has developed and grown over the last several years, we’ve noticed one strong, common thread in your feedback: locals are passionate about keeping Boerne true to its small-town roots. 

Naturally, our response came in the form of a blog post. In March, “Boerne: When Your Small Town Feels Too Big” explored the question: “If the small-town atmosphere is what everyone loves about Boerne...will the rapid growth actually serve to dismantle those charming roots?” We combed through comments and messages, talked to locals, and gained insight through our knowledgeable local Boerne agents.

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As we stated in the blog post, Boerne’s population has gone from 3,000 to 10,618 people in the last 35 years alone! Some argue that this rapid growth, while economically good for the town, may do something to hinder the core identity of Boerne. So what do you do when the small town you’ve known and loved for years doesn’t feel so small anymore? Here are a few of our best attempts at answering that question:

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1. Let the Old Teach the Young

If you’ve lived in this community for years and years, Boerne’s recent growth is your chance to carry on the local legacy! “Old-timers” now have the opportunity to instill classic Hill Country values into the newcomers...both by education and through example.

2. Appreciate Boerne's Rich History

Whether your inner history buff comes out through shopping for antiques or visiting local historic sites, take the time to remember all this little town has been through!

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3. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Although the population may be increasing rapidly, studies show that the key to keeping a town feeling “small” is by getting to know your neighbors. Whether you’re fast friends or simply a familiar face, good neighborhood relationships are the key to building a tight-knit community!

4. Enjoy the Hill Country

There’s no better way to remember Boerne’s roots than by enjoying the local landscape. Whether you’re walking through the hills, taking a scenic drive, or stargazing, taking in the surrounding Hill Country will remind you of all the joys of living “deep in the heart of Texas.”

Gorgeous Views at 38 Brook Ridge (Boerne, TX)

5. Support Local Businesses

Perhaps one of the best ways to keep the Boerne spirit alive is by supporting local businesses. Restaurants, grocery stores, mechanics, your small-town loyalty and keep these local favorites at the top of your list!

6. Appreciate Local Art & Culture

In case you haven’t noticed, Boerne is a wealth of Hill Country art and culture! Check out events like Second Saturday Art & Wine to learn more.

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7. Practice Small-town hospitality

One of the hallmark traits of a small town is hospitality. Keep the local charm alive and go out of your way to extend generosity and kindness to newcomers! Whether through a plate of cookies or a dinner invitation, this kind of hospitality sets the tone for any new family’s stay in Boerne.

8. Enjoy Local Traditions

From Dickens on Main to the Chocolate Walk to the annual dachshund races (Berges Fest), these events bring the whole town together!

9. Get Involved in Local Policy

Don’t agree with the local government’s solutions to growth? Do you have great insight into what might keep Boerne true to its roots? Get involved in local policy! Both volunteers and local government works have the opportunity to effect change in the local community.

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: when residents place priority on traditions, emphasize loyal relationships, and desire to invest in local businesses, the small town ethos thrives.