7 Facts About Boerne Real Estate that Will Surprise (and Maybe Impress) You

1. The average price of a home in Boerne is around $380k, which puts it on the map as one of the priciest places in Texas.

To say that Boerne is experiencing a sellers' market is putting it mildly. With the major growth this town has seen over the past few decades, sellers are seeing buyers scooping up homes left and right. This leads to less homes for sale and higher prices. So why is this so surprising? A few reasons: First, because of this race to find Boerne properties, home values have gone up 7.2% over the past year, with predictions that they will rise another 4.1% within the next year. The second reason, and perhaps the most surprising, is that homes in Boerne are among the most costly in the entire state of Texas. The. Entire. State. In fact, Boerne is ranked in the top 5 of the most expensive real estate markets…. in first place. Following this coveted town? Austin ($369,509), La Vernia ($299,089), Grapevine ($287,269) and Keller ($285,911).

2. Boerne has over 800 homes on the market right now.

This may not sound surprising with all the development around, but refer to #1 and you see why it’s a bit of a surprise that a town with those prices and a population of 12k people has this many homes on the market. Now, we already covered that Boerne is a seller’s market, meaning the available inventory of houses is tight and homes are selling faster and for more competitive prices. However, with an open mind and a great Realtor, finding a home that you love is as easy as perusing through 845 available homes and crossing your fingers that the one you love doesn’t get an offer before you put yours in…. Just kidding. Honestly though, with a good Realtor you can be matched to your perfect home based on the criteria you provide and the houses in stock. And boy is there some housing stock; from adorable, classic, postwar cottages to sprawling, expansive mansions, Boerne delivers on variety.

3. For the same price as the average home in San Francisco, you can get this home.

While it’s hardly even fair to compare the Boerne real estate market to the San Francisco real estate market, it’s still kind of cool to see what you could get for the average San Francisco house price ($1.16 million) here in darling Boerne. For $1.16 million in San Fran you could get yourself a snug little one bedroom condo or *possibly* a smallish two bedroom fixer upper. For the same price in Boerne you can buy this Mexican-style hacienda in Cordillera Ranch. At $1,099,000, less than the average San Fran price, this 4,447 square foot luxury home on nearly 11 acres has -- generously sized bedrooms, including the master suite, which features a luxurious bathroom with dual vanities, a garden tub and a seamless glass shower. Says the listing agent, “the custom closet with built in compartments and storage resembles a high end clothing store.” In fact, all these master amenities are not just a part of a master bedroom, they are a part of a master wing.

Sure to please the chef, the epicurean kitchen is well-appointed with stainless steel appliances, custom Alder cabinets and an adjacent wet bar, conveniently located for entertaining. And while this is all very fancy, throw in maid’s quarters and suddenly the fanciness is multiplied. Granted, this home doesn’t come with the San Francisco weather, but we’d take it any day!

4. The most expensive home on the Boerne real estate market right now is $18.5 Million.

We’ve said how homes in Boerne are more expensive than most Texas cities, but this one takes the cake. The home at 2211 Hwy 474 is set atop nearly 801 acres and showcases ranch style living to a tee. At just over 9,000 square feet, this Hill Country ranch estate is set on a lot so big it could be its own neighborhood. Endless views of the native Texas Hill Country landscape, a personal stone fountain outside the front door, access to waterfront, wildlife on the property, and multiple homes dotted on top of those 800+ acres are just the starting point. Because if you have $18.5 million to spend, why not?

5. The biggest home on the market right now is 13,500 square feet.

At just over 13,500 square feet, this Boerne beauty, set in Champee Springs Ranches, screams luxury. Endless views of the serene Texas Hill Country, impeccable flooring and wood finishes throughout, 18 garage spaces, exotic wildlife on the property, and multiple entertainment areas are just the beginning. Additionally, this 7 bedroom, 3 full bath, 3 half bath home comes complete with a wine room, a two tiered waterfall pool, and state of the art audio/video systems. Feeling a little vulnerable with all the fancy upgrades on the property? No worries- the entire 64-acre property is completely high fenced and you can only enter through the majestic gated entrance. 

The next largest home on the market is the home at 107 Greystone Circle. At just over 11,775 square feet the custom home offers seven bedrooms and a whopping eight full, plus two half, bathrooms. As a whole the property boasts of upscale amenities including a dedicated exercise, massage and sauna room, a library, and a theater, all presenting mahogany cabinetry, cherry wood accents, and travertine and marble flooring.

But that kitchen though… With both granite and stainless steel counters, two sub zero refrigerators, two dishwashers, an eight burner range, and a steam oven, this kitchen was made for the executive chef of the home.

What’s that you say? You’d like to make sure you were safe in the event of a zombie apocalypse? No problem; this house also comes complete with a hidden safe room.

6. The average age of homes on the Boerne market right now is 12.

Although this may not mean anything to most people, we as real estate experts understand that this means growth. We know, we know: Boerne is growing too fast, everyone wants their small town back, and you all hate the new home development that is happening to the once quiet little San Antonio suburb- we have heard your Facebook comments loud and clear (wink). But in a positive light, growth is a good thing! For homebuyers in particular, with an average age of 12, buyers that are seeking sprawling new estates have that option and buyers who would not have been able to move into Boerne without the more affordable subdivision homes available have that option.

Of course this number also shows that new construction homes in Boerne are being built at an accelerated rate, but there are many established neighborhoods that offer “vintage homes” (and by vintage we mean older than 12….). Fair Oaks anyone? Not Boerne proper, this iconic not-so-rural-anymore neighborhood, consists of homes built all the way from the early 1980’s to today. The neighborhood has proved to be extremely desirable for decades due to the convenient location right off IH-10, the outstanding neighborhood amenities, and the excellent Boerne school system.

7. Nearly 60 of the properties on the Boerne real estate market are farm and ranch properties.

Just saying the word “Texas” conjures images of cowboy hats and horses- and that is what people think about the city! Given that Boerne is a suburb- one that has historically been pretty into lifted trucks and horse properties- it’s only natural that it offers quite the selection of ranches for sale. Rolling hills, rustic countryside, and expansive rural ranches; in essence, this is the epitome of Texas land. Whether it’s undeveloped ranch acreage or private recreational ranch estates, there are plenty of farm and ranch homes on the market to choose from.

Believe it or not, this Boerne home sits atop nearly 30 acres. 

Pretty impressive, huh? We think so. Of course, we live and breath Boerne real estate, so we get pretty excited about most things related to it. Want to know more about what you see? Contact us. We’d love to answer your questions.