5 Things To Do in Boerne This Weekend (Feb 19-21)

People love Boerne for the small town atmosphere, Hill Country views, and quaint downtown. However, Boerne also has far more to offer visitors and residents alike than many realize! Boerne is known for rich heritage, great location, and an active community, all of which are showcased by local businesses. No need to research, five of the best fun events to attend and businesses to visit in Boerne this week are described below. Hopefully this list will make planning a perfect Texas Hill Country weekend a little easier!

1. Lemonade Day Boerne: Backpack Pickup & Pizza Party

If you have kids and you haven’t heard of Lemonade Day Boerne, we suggest you take a look! Lemonade Day is a nationwide educational program that focuses on “empowering today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs”. Lemonade day, which encourages skills like financial literacy and economics, college and career readiness, life skills and personal development, teaches kids how to start, own, and operate their own lemonade stand. Though this may seem like a small, insignificant “rite of passage” in modern day America, understanding the basics of business and entrepreneurship can propel kids forward to become leaders and advocates in their own community! Each child who registers will receive a backpack containing an “Entrepreneur Workbook” that teaches various interactive lessons such as budget-setting, profit-making goals, how to deal with investors, etc. All kids who participate are able to keep all the money they earn and are encouraged to pour it back into the community! Though “Lemonade Day” itself isn’t until May, Backpack pickup is this Friday! Come grab your backpack, eat some pizza, and chat with other participants and their parents.

When: Friday, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Where: Patrick Heath Public Library, 451 N Main St Building 100

2. Grab an TGIF beer at the Boerne Brewery

Looking for a way to wind down after the work week? Look no further than Boerne Brewery! This local craft brewery offers free tastings and tours to local residents every Friday from 2-5pm. Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, Boerne Brewery draws on the area’s German heritage and favorable climate, focusing on the subtleties of flavor, ingredients, and brewing methods. If you’re interested in supporting local establishment that really loves the community, Boerne Brewery is the perfect place to spend your afternoon. According to their website, “We are from Boerne. We brew in Boerne. Our ale is for the people that live in, work in, and visit Boerne.” If you fit this profile, head to the brewery and enjoy Boerne’s original beverage of choice.

When: Fridays, 2:00pm?-?5:00pm

Where: 9 Hill View Lane, Boerne

3. Open Line Shoots For Mallard Ducks and Driven Pheasant

Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

The good people of Texas like to enjoy the outdoors in many different ways...and for some, the height of experiencing nature means some good old fashioned hunting. If this describes you, head over to Joshua Creek Ranch this weekend for open line shoots for mallard ducks and driven pheasant! Joshua Creek, which has been serving its guests with excellence for over 25 years, lays claim to some of the best hunting territory in the country. The natural terrain of the Texas Hill Country allows a variety of wildlife to thrive, includingquail, pheasant, mallard duck, Texas deer, and turkey. Hunting season generally runs September through April, with the exception of Axis deer hunting (which is offered year-round). According to Joshua Creek Ranch, their mission is “to provide its members and guests with an exceptional and memorable outdoor experience.”

When: Saturday, 7:00pm

Where: Cave Without a Name, 325 Kreutzberg Rd, Boerne, TX

4. Admire Boerne’s own “Art al Fresco” (and take a selfie)

Did you know Boerne literally has an up-and-coming public art scene? Art al Fresco, the local public art program, is a “fresh” take on a traditional outdoor sculpture garden. Featuring both a permanent art collection and temporary pieces from a public art competition, the very first Art al Fresco Public Art Exhibition was opened to the public in September of last year (2015). With help from the city of Boerne and Public Art Competition Committee, Art al Fresco emerged as an “art on loan” program featuring sculptures throughout the historic downtown district. Through the Otocast app, families, kids, and couples can enjoy a free, self-guided audio walking tour through the outdoor exhibit. And, to top it off, you can help pick Boerne's winner by voting for your favorite sculpture! If you do decide to head downtown to admire the art, don’t forget to post a picture to social media and use #artalfresco.

Where: Downtown Boerne

5. Thrift up a storm at one of Boerne’s many consignment shops

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If you love bargains and a good challenge, why not check out one (or all) of Boerne’s many thrift stores this weekend! Rest assured that thrift shopping is not just an Austin thing...from clothes to household goods and from vintage to upscale, the small, charming town of Boerne has a surprisingly large number of consignment stores stocked with hidden gems. For children’s resale, head to Cutie Patootie. Fabulous Finds Thrift Shop offers name-brand clothing, furniture, and way more (and all proceeds benefit the Kendall County Women’s shelter). Fabulous Finds is an upscale thrift store located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Off Main Street Consignments, which is housed in an adorable red-roofed home, specializes in resales of unique home goods, upscale furniture, and decor. For a boutique feel without the price tag, head to Recents Resale. Other shops in town include Seasons Gift and Thrift Shop and Two Trick Pony Consignment!