28 Telltale Signs You’re Really From Boerne…

Are you a Boerne-ite through and through? Read on to see if you can relate to these classic Boerne sentiments.

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You know that I-10 drive like the back of your hand. Whether it’s a trip to Target or your daily commute, you’ve memorized every sign and tree on those 15-ish miles from Boerne to Loop 1604.

They may call it “Main Street”, but you know it’s really “Hauptstrasse.” Populated with charming shops, favorite restaurants, and other local digs, this historic stretch of the original Boerne feels like a blast from the past.

You remember Boerne when it was population...smaller. Whether you’ve been a Boerne resident for 30 years or 5 years, you’ve been able to see measurable growth during your stay in our constantly growing town. In 1980, the population was 3,229. By 2000, it had grown to 6,178...continuing on to 10,471 in 2010 and 12,835 in 2014!

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You’re a longtime fan of “ducky hour” at the Dodging Duck Brewhaus. A nod to Boerne’s very German heritage, the Dodging Duck is a combination brewery/restaurant that offers a dang good International menu...including a mean happy hour every weekday from 3-6pm! Stop by and “Seize the Duck”!

You’re used to having to correct everyone’s pronunciation skills. “I’m sorry, it’s actually pronounced “Ber-nee”... not “Born” or “Bo-ur-nee”.

You still can’t believe San Antonio is edging closer and closer...When UTSA was built on the outskirts of San Antonio, many residents couldn’t even imagine the space between there andhere filling in so quickly. Though the countryside still stretches for miles, the gap is shorter and more populated than ever before.

Fredericksburg gets way more Hill Country street cred...but you know the truth. Though their peaches are indeed unparalleled, Boerne’s Hill Country charm is just as alluring...and a little less touristy.

You’ve been spooked (or spooked someone else!) with the local ghost stories. In a town as old as Boerne, there’s bound to be more than one goosebump-worthy tale! The Dienger Building and Ye Kendall Inn are the most popular “haunted” locations in the area.

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You feel like you live in a different town. Though it’s still the same land, same river, and many of the same businesses, the heartbeat of Boerne has evolved with the population growth. While still a great place to live, Boerne has changed from the old days.

You’ll still never stop being astounded by the view from the Cibolo. Besides being filled with peace and quiet, the banks of the Cibolo River are nothing short of breathtaking. Head to the Cibolo Nature Center and explore 3.5 miles of trails.

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You recall the days when the only stoplight was on Main Street. Life (and traffic) were a little simpler in those days.

Your not-so-secret guilty pleasure is a kolache from Little Gretel. Located at 518 River Road, Little Gretel is owned by Czech-native-turned-Boerne-citizen Denise Mazal. You can choose from a variety of authentic, traditional kolaches filled with wurst, cheese, or fruit.

To save time, sometimes you just say “San Antonio” when people ask you where you’re from...because almost inevitably, they won’t know a thing about Boerne.

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You remember Chaparral Creek when it was called Paradise Heights. After the second World War, Boerne added several neighborhoods to accommodate returning citizens and growth. In the early 1960s, this little residential neighborhood boasted four streets (and the best trick-or-treating!): Dawn, Twilight, Sunglow and Stardust. Dawn Street is the only one that has survived!

You’ve commuted to San Antonio...and the best part of your day was rolling back into Boerne. At some point in your Boerne life, you’ve worked in the city and lived in the country. After a long day of work in the big city, the most satisfying moment was pulling into your own country driveway.

You prefer a quirky historic home to a cookie cutter one. Although more and more gorgeous subdivisions have been popping up in and around Boerne, the classic German architecture and old homes remain a favorite among locals.

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You’ve tapped your toes to the music of the Boerne Village Band. As the “oldest continuously active German band outside Germany”, the Boerne Village Band tours the town in the summer months.

You attended the “original” Boerne High School. Longtime Boerne residents know that there weren’t always two high schools in town. The original Boerne High School used to be housed on the current Boerne Middle School North campus on Johns Road.

You’re loyal to local businesses to a fault. As a Boerne citizen, you always choose the local business over the big guys. True to an attitude of Texan independence, you want to see a self-sustaining, the locals usually offer better customer service and a more quality product anyway!

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You’ll do anything to keep that small town feel. Although Boerne is growing rapidly, you’re in it to win it. Keep the small-town vibes that make Boerne what it is!

You’ve ridden your bike down Main Street. Because in a town the size of Boerne, what’s the point of gassing up your truck? Plus, with Boerne’s newly acquired traffic problem, biking can turn out to be more efficient anyway.

You remember when Hwy 87 was the big dog in town. Before the arrival of Interstate 10, Highway 87 was Boerne’s claim to fame. When I-10 began construction in the fifties and sixties, many residents feared Boerne would become obsolete as the main stop on the way to San Antonio. Fortunately, Boerne hasn’t been fazed.

You know Boerne’s heritage and founding story by heart. Whether from your grandpa, friend, elementary school teacher, or restaurant owner, you know the tale of German freethinkers searching for a utopian society in the Hill Country.

You wouldn’t want to claim anywhere else. If Boerne-ites have one thing in common, it’s town pride and loyalty.

Because while some folks see visions of a better tax base, more amenities, and growing city boundaries, many longtime Boerne citizen stroll Main Street and see a remnant of the town they know and love. While so much has changed, for better or for worse, Boerne is still evolving...along with the rest of the San Antonio area.