10 Reasons Boerne Raises Great Kids

As any parent can almost certainly attest: having your first child comes with a major shift in perspective. From daily tasks to spending habits, the advent of your own family changes the way you live your life and plan for the future. And this fact is strikingly obvious when it comes time to buy a house. 

Simply put: parents buy far differently from couples and singles.

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One of the strongest factors in family-oriented buying is location. Where will your kids grow up? How will this place affect the way they see the world? Where will they go to school? Who will they be friends with? Questions like this lead many buyers on the great hunt for the best neighborhood and town to raise a family.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Internet sites and databases to help. One particularly comprehensive site (Nich explores the best places to live in every state based on statistics and expert insights. (See their methodology here.)

So who takes the cake in the Hill Country area? In 2015, Boerne won out as the ”Best Texas Town to Raise a Family,” This #1 spot was determined by a statewide comparison of various factors such as education, community stability, diversity, livability, and housing costs. And while those who already live in Boerne aren’t surprised in the least by this winning status, those outside the idyllic bubble might be wondering: “What’s so great about Boerne?”

1. Location

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Less than 20 minutes away from the amenity-laden outskirts of San Antonio, Boerne encompasses the best of both worlds: city and Hill Country. If desired, residents have access to the exclusive shopping, dining, and resources available at The Rim and La Cantera, as well as the fun supplied by Sea World and Fiesta Texas. However, it’s also easy to forget about the hustle and bustle of the city, if that’s more your style. Boerne offers easy travel to many surrounding Hill Country towns (Fredericksburg, Comfort, Kerrville, etc.) with beautiful scenery along the way. Families who want to stay grounded in the country but keep the perks of the city will love Boerne’s location.

2. Schools

Anyone familiar with the local education system is well-aware: Boerne ISD is highly coveted among San Antonio metro area districts. This district (containing Boerne, a small section of Kendall County, Fair Oaks Ranch, and parts of northern Bexar County) goes above and beyond Texas standards in almost every area, boasting official recognition at the regional, state, and national level. In the private sector, parents of school-age children have plenty of options. Geneva School of BoerneAmbleside School of BoerneVanguard Christian InstituteHill Country Montessori S chool, and Boerne Preparatory Academy are a few of the most popular options. In particular, Boerne is known for its excellent school district, maintaining a 99 percent graduation rate and a 15:1 student-teacher ratio.

3. Housing

222 Cibolo Crossing Dr: $230, 000

The housing market in Boerne is certainly something to behold: from beautiful homes in luxury golf course communities to historic properties in the heart of the city, Boerne offers something for everyone. Plus, if acreage is your thing, you’re in luck. Boerne’s location lends itself well to that wide-open space and privacy that many crave. And while Boerne is one of the more expensive places to buy in the area, there are still plenty of surprisingly affordable options. Plus, the payoff is well worth it!

4. Active Community

As your kids grow up, it’s important for them to experience an active sense of community. In Boerne, it’s easy to get involved! From eating at local restaurants like Dodging Duck Brewhaus to attending free concerts at Main Plaza to participating in local festivals, Boerne’s small-town mindset fosters a diverse and communicative sense of togetherness.

5. Outdoor Activities

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We’ve heard it time and time again: Boerne’s options for outdoor fun are seemingly endless. From exploring underground caverns to fishing at Boerne City Lake, local families are never at a shortage of things to do outside. A few local favorite go-to activities include attending a class or event at The Cibolo N ature Center (or CNC for short), hiking or biking a local trail, and sprawling out with a picnic at City Park.

6. Sense of History

Considering the area’s first European settlers called themselves “Freethinkers” and espoused a desire for a utopian community, Boerne’s history is worth re-telling. And for kids being raised in today’s increasingly digital society, a concrete sense of history is especially important. In Boerne, the sense of heritage is palpable. Though the population has been growing exponentially in the past 20 years, this charming Texas town still tells its stories, from the original settlers (Lipan Apache, Comanche, and Kiowa tribes) to the later European emigrants.

7. Plenty of Activities

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Take one look at our monthly “15 Things to Do in Boerne” list, and you’ll see: this town knows how to have a good time! A few favorites include Second Saturday Art & Wine, Boerne Market Days, and various traditional festivals like Dickens on Main, the Chocolate Walk, and Berges Fest.

8. Small Town Feel

Despite the area’s rapid growth, local Boerne-ites have stayed true to their small-town roots. Genuine friendliness, neighborly care, and an active involvement in community events are all hallmark traits of this beloved town. This sense of small-town charm can keep families grounded and comforted, even in the midst of change.

9. Inspires Creativity and Play

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Both in the town and the surrounding landscape, the Boerne area fosters a delightful sense of wonder and adventure in its children. Take one look around at the Hill Country scenery, and you’ll see a stage set for adventure, fairy tales, and imagination. Plus, local Boerne camps and organizations do their part to encourage this sort of growth: The Cibolo Nature Center in particular is a whimsy paradise!

10. Slower Pace of Life

If the hustle and bustle of the city aren’t your thing, you can breathe a sigh of relief in the Hill Country. We’ve heard it time and time again: the pace of life in Boerne is noticeably more peaceful and calm than the city. If San Antonio is stressing you out, the Hill Country might be just what you need to invest in a more leisurely way of life. The propensity to “stop and smell the roses” can foster patience, creativity, and thoughtfulness in children!

From the mouth of one current resident: “I've lived in Boerne for 21 years and this is the place I plan to stay and raise my own family.” We can’t help but fully endorse this choice! Boerne’s schools, community engagement, and Hill Country lifestyle make it the perfect place to grow up.

If you’re interested in finding out more about life in Boerne, let us be your guide! Contact a licensed REALTOR® and download our exclusive Buyer’s Guide today.