Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Boerne

150 years ago, a group of German immigrants came across an extraordinary piece of mid-Texas land near the Guadalupe River. Drawn to its strategic location and captivating natural beauty, these settlers soon became the first Boerne residents. Over the course of Boerne history, this town has served as an excellent getaway from the hubbub of the city. This is not surprising considering Boerne’s extremely favorable location: both on I-10 near the city and in the rolling Hill Country. These features have led to an increasingly rich and diverse community of residents, continuing at exciting growth rate.

No matter how you like to spend your free time, Boerne (pronounced Berr-knee) has you covered with an abundant supply of both natural and modern activities. Boerne is home to several distinct waterfronts, all of which contribute to an excellent supply of outdoor recreation and leisure activities. On the other end of the spectrum, these natural elements are complemented well by a cosmopolitan ethos. Boerne offers a unique shopping culture, both local and brand name. Whether you’re wandering through the historic downtown district, enjoying fine dining at an acclaimed local eatery or vineyard, or attending a cultural arts event, you’ll soon see that this Hill Country town has a lot to offer.Besides gorgeous waterfronts and shopping, this city also possesses a commitment to excellence that has led to a prosperous, sustainable community, from education to area employers. Naturally, this type of success begins with an excellent education system. Boerne’s public and private schools alike have earned academic recognition from the state of Texas. Several higher education institutions continue this legacy of excellence with their presence in or near Boerne. Similarly, easy access to quality healthcare has set the precedent for a healthy city. Overall, the beauty and fun of Boerne is backed by diversity and quality. From its award-winning golf communities to its charming historical neighborhoods to its modern luxury communities, Boerne offers a piece of Texas unlike any other.

Public/Private schools:

Boerne provides excellent private and public schools, going above and beyond Texas standards in almost every area. Boerne educates over 6,000 students at nine campuses that have been recognized at regional, state, and national levels. Area high schools include Boerne Academy, Boerne High School and Boerne-Samuel V Champion High School, where students perform statistically well above average with a very high level of college readiness. Middle schools are Boerne Middle School North and Boerne Middle School South. Elementary schools serving the Boerne area are: Cibolo Creek Elementary, Currington Elementary, Fabra Elementary, Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary, and Kendall Elementary. A myriad of private schools in the area cater to multiple educational philosophies and religious backgrounds. These include Geneva School of Boerne, Vanguard Christian Institute, Hill Country Montessori School, and Boerne Preparatory Academy.

Higher Ed:

Those seeking higher education near or in Boerne won’t have to look very far. Due to Boerne’s recent growth and the demand for more higher education institutes, Wayland Baptist University has opened a campus in the Boerne area. Wayland is a one of the top Christian universities in the country, offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Boerne’s convenient location also provides strategic access to almost all major institutes of higher education in San Antonio. UTSA, University of Incarnate Word and Trinity University are easily accessible to those seeking higher education.


From the sparkling Cibolo Creek, which runs right through downtown, to the Guadalupe State Park 15 minutes away, Boerne boasts an active outdoor culture with multiple trails, parks, and water activities. Try your hand at kayaking, tubing, or paddling in the 300-acre City Lake or the Cibolo Creek. Discover the four different ecosystems at the Cibolo Nature Center or explore one of the two natural cave systems. Besides the natural beauty of the Guadalupe River Valley, fun-filled experiences await at Enchanted Springs Ranch, a theme park and exotic animal zoo with an old-west feel. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon or an adventure, Boerne provides many unforgettable options.

Cultural Arts:

In addition to its active outdoor culture, Boerne possesses a rich cultural arts realm.

Whether you’re a theater enthusiast, museum buff, or art aesthete, you’re sure to find inspiration in the Boerne area through multiple art galleries, community theater events, and historical museums. Enjoy a night with Boerne Performing Arts, a community organization that provides the Boerne area with a regular collection of world-class concerts. Whether you’re discovering a unique piece of Texas history at the Agricultural Heritage Museum or an outdoor art venue like the Texas Treasures Sculpture Garden, this city will hold your attention with its penchant for the creative.

Dining and Sipping:

After a day of active recreation, shopping, or sightseeing, the most welcome sight is a well-prepared meal. Boerne does not disappoint when it comes to dining in either a relaxed or luxury setting. Whether you’re seeking a luxury experience or real, home-cooked BBQ, Boerne provides a variety of award-winning options for live music, bars, grills, and eateries. From the upscale La Cascada to the locally acclaimed Dodging Duck Brewhaus, you will find the perfect place to satisfy your hunger. Boerne is also home to its very own winery, Boerne Wine Co., a high-quality, relaxed establishment that prides itself on excellent wine and service. Additionally, a local Boerne microbrewery offers distinct craft beer and ale. The wide variety of dining options in Boerne make it the perfect the perfect place to relax, sit, and sip after an eventful day.


Perhaps the most influential and well-known part of Boerne is its abundant supply of natural beauty. Situated on the banks of the sparkling Guadalupe River and the Cibolo Creek, which runs directly through downtown, Boerne is home to some of the best tubing, boating, and water activities in Texas.   The 300-acre City Lake also make for excellent kayaking, canoeing, fishing, scuba diving, etc.


Given its central location in the San Antonio area, Boerne is an ideal getaway. Though its small-town personality and scenic views are untainted by the bustle of the city, a short drive down Interstate 10 takes you to the hub of shopping, commerce, and activity. Boerne’s close proximity to San Antonio and two major interstates allows its residents easy access to travel, sports teams, and other big-city perks without the big-city traffic and noise. Boerne also offers easy travel to many surrounding Hill Country towns like Fredricksburg, Comfort, Kerrville, Medina, and Bandera. These small towns more of the unique personality and beautiful scenery that the Hill Country is known for.

Overall, Boerne’s location provides it with a unique combination of attractive urban amenities and small-town charm. Buying a Boerne home is an excellent choice for people who want the appeal of the Hill Country without sacrificing city fun.


Because of its close proximity to San Antonio, Boerne residents have speedy access to all San Antonio medical resources and specialized care facilities. University Hospital, Methodist Hospital and the Sonterra Medical Plaza are all readily available. Military families also have access to SAMMC, the largest military medical facility in the country. Boerne itself also has excellent medical resources, including local Boerne Family Medicine and Methodist Hospital’s Boerne Emergency Center, which operates 24/7 in an effort to provide the city with all the necessary resources of a full hospital system.

Golf Communities:

Because of its excellent location, which allows for abundant acreage and a peaceful setting, several golf clubs and communities have flourished in the Boerne area. Cordillera Ranch is an exclusive luxury community on the Guadalupe that offers over 8,000 acres of home space, golf greens, and exclusive community amenities. Also in the Boerne area, Tapatio Golf Springs offers an outstanding golf course that boasts 27 holes and stunning views, capturing the attention of several famous residents like George Strait. Other area golf courses include Fair Oaks Ranch Golf, The Dominion Country Club, and Cedar Creek Golf Course. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed setting or a competitive edge, Boerne can provide you with the golf experience that suits your personality.

Luxury neighborhoods:

Due to its prime location in the Guadalupe River Valley, Boerne is home to a number of luxury neighborhoods, both along waterfronts and on multi-acre properties. These homes range in price and style to fit a variety of personalities. These neighborhoods include Anaqua Springs Ranch, Estancia, Highlands Ranch, and Cordilla Ranch, among many others. If you’re seeking a luxury community in Boerne, you won’t have to settle for a meager selection.


Though Boerne is small, it is growing quickly! Boerne ISD and Kendall County are some of the area’s top employers. While the Boerne community itself is on the small side, its location on I-10 makes it only a short commute to the San Antonio workforce, which includes USAA, the downtown San Antonio sector, and several military bases.


Besides incredible natural beauty, Boerne offers tons of local specialty shops, artisan goods, collectibles, boutiques, and antique treasure troves. Boerne Emporium has three floors of beautiful antiques, while Cosas offers an impressive array of high-quality Mexican folk art and goods. Also located nearby off of I-10 are San Antonio shopping venues like The Rim, which houses The Palladium movie theater, and The Shops at La Cantera, which provides an upscale shopping experience. No matter what, you’ll find a shopping experience that suits you.

Historic neighborhoods:

Though Boerne is growing in population and culture, it still manages to retain a charming, old-world feel. This atmosphere is unmistakable in several beautifully preserved historical neighborhoods. Because of Boerne’s wealthy beginnings, these old homes contain excellent detail and careful craftsmanship. The historic district, located in the space around Haupstrausse (Main Street), contains a gorgeous variety of building styles, including Colonial, Tudor, and Folk Victorian architecture


Boerne boasts a rich and diverse community. Currently, the 10,000-person population is primarily made up of mostly European and Hispanic descendants with a median age around 40. Boerne has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the last 10 years, and this trend is continuing at a healthy rate. Family life is thriving in Boerne. 65% of the population is married, and most of the children in Boerne families are between the ages of 6-17. The median household income is around $55,000. Boerne is an exciting place to be in this new time of growth and development!


Established over 150 years ago by German immigrants from Bettina, this scenic spot on the Cibolo creek quickly began to flourish. The founders were known as “Free Thinkers,” an intellectual group in search of a utopian community. They found great value in philosophy, literature, art, and history. It’s no surprise they chose the banks of the Guadalupe to encourage inspiration. Later in its existence, Boerne became a hub for the local health resort industry because of its relaxing qualities. This town remained a scenic vacation spot for many, but began to experience growth in the 1960s. Boerne began to truly flourish, and its popularity climbed slowly and steadily, creating a sustainable community with potential for even more growth.